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It’s not just lacrosse players who can find what they are looking for at Captain LAX – fans of sword and stick fighting can too. Here, specially for you, are the most suitable products for sword fighting – in particular some gloves. These offer optimal protection in every situation and ensure high mobility at the same time . 

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Maverik MAX
Field Glove

The Maverik Max Lacrosse Glove was designed for the experienced player and offers unparalleled performance. This high-tech glove combines comfort, feel and protection.

159,95 € 129,95 €

Men Gloves Maverik Max Weiß
Men Gloves Maverik Max Weiß
Men Gloves Maverik Max Schwarz
Men Gloves Maverik Max Schwarz
Men Gloves Maverik Max Grau

Entry-level models, suitable for sword fighting

Do you want to start with sword fighting or have you already had some experience? With us you get the right protection from the start! Captain Lax has a wide range of gloves for you that are suitable for use when sword fighting. Popular brands like STX, Maverik and Warrior, offer you the necessary flexibility and at the same time protection against possible injury.

Our professional models, for the challenges of sword fighting

For those who want to take extra care of their hands, we have even higher quality, professional gloves in our range. These offer even greater protection and improved durability. They also guarantee you the flexibility you need so the handle or hilt of the sword sits well in your hand without restricting your movements. The professional glove models are very comfortable to wear – particularly because of their very low weight.

If you have any questions about lacrosse gloves, their sizes or what the best style for you might be, then please contact us by phone or WhatsApp on +49 (0)9721/75 98 811 or by E-Mail at shop@captain-lax.com.
We’ll be happy to answer your questions!

To find out about any special club or group deals, just write a short email to shop@captain-lax.com


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