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STX Crux 500 Women Lacrosse Head Strung Black-Lizard

Art. Nr.: STX-HDCR50

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Weight 130 g
Dimensions 30 × 17 × 5 cm


LAX Härte

Lax Head Technologie

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LAX Stringing


The STX Crux 500 Strung Lacrosse Head in Black-Lizard is an elite level stringing head. With 10-degree technology, this head puts the ball in the sweet spot so the ball can be released quickly and won’t get lost in the race. STX’s elastomer overmold reduces ball chatter. The Launch Pocket encloses the ball and provides excellent ball control. Additionally, the sidewalls are minimally constructed so you can place your pocket as low as possible. Also, the scoop is tapered to provide more precision.

Advantages of the STX Crux 500 Strung Lacrosse Head Black-Lizard:

  • 10 degree head
  • suitable for experienced players
  • patented Elastomer Overmold function
  • low sidewalls
  • deep pocket, strung
  • pointed scoop
  • more precision and ball control

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